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History of Growth and Solving Challenges

ADG was founded in January 2020 with the merger of AirBoss Defense, a global leader in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Critical Solutions International, an industry leader that delivers best-in-class route clearance and counter-IED solutions that confront ever-evolving threats. Today, the combined company includes over 330 employees in five North American locations and has customers in over 81 countries worldwide.
<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.images.bandolier-order">Bandolier Order</span>


ADG Receives $45 Million Order for the Bandolier

New contract will support battlefield obstacle reduction, path clearing and other demolition requirements.

Pair of AMG molded gloves


ADG selected to provide molded gloves for CBRN protection

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has selected the ADG AirBoss Molded Glove (AMG) for it’s JB2GU CBRN glove program contract.

AirBoss Bandolier explosive charge


Partner Nation expands use of Bandolier system

A foreign partner nation re-selected ADG to continue supplying the Bandolier multipurpose line charge system for use across that country’s military.

Covid Test Kit


ADG partner to deliver US-Made COVID test kits

ADG and Maddox Defense partner with Access Bio to deliver US-Made COVID test kits to Defense Logistics Agency

Nurse wearing the AirBoss100 Half Mask Respirator


AirBoss 100 Half Mask Respirator Launched

Designed to be a revolutionary step forward in personal protective equipment (PPE) for multiple industries, including healthcare and medical providers, law enforcement, and first responders.

Soldiers in snow


DoD selects ADG as sole provider for cold weather gear

The proven warmth and durability of the Extreme Cold Weather Vapor Bunny Boots has made these boots the extreme cold weather footwear of choice for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Blast Gauge sensor on back of soldier helmet


ADG acquires Black Box Biometrics

Combining decades of experience providing life-saving technologies in blast environments with robust research, engineering, and program management capabilities.

Nurse putting on surgical gloves


ADG chosen to support the Strategic National Stockpile

ADG chosen to supply nitrile gloves as part of the federal government’s pandemic response and public health preparedness efforts.

Nurse wearing a FlexAir PAPR system


FlexAir PAPR system chosen for urgent COVID-19 response

ADG is honored to apply its engineering and manufacturing capabilities towards protecting the lives of front-line medical professionals and first responders.

AirBoss Defense Group logo


AirBoss Defense Group Launched

AirBoss Defense and Critical Solutions International complete merge to create a company focused on survivability solutions to support defense and first responder markets.

Close-up of Blast Gauge sensor


Global partnership announced for the Blast Gauge System

AirBoss Defense teams up with Black Box Biometrics to tackle the invisible threat of blast overpressure trauma and help identify the risk of blast induced Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and long-term neurological disorders.

AirBoss FR-C2A1 Cartridge


DoD selects AirBoss as sole provider for C2A1 filter

DoD selects AirBoss as sole provider for C2A1 filter canisters to support a range of respiratory protection systems in US Inventory

Husky driving towards camera


CSI awarded $132 million contract for Husky 2G

CSI Awarded $132 Million Long-Term Contract for Husky 2G Protected Payload Delivery Vehicle and Route Clearance Payloads.

Front view of the LBM Low Burden Mask


Low Burden Mask chosen by Canadian and Australian Defense Forces

AirBoss’s Low Burden Mask (LBM) chosen by Canadian and Australian Defense Forces with deliveries through 2021

AirBoss Bandolier explosive charge


Iraqi army purchases Bandolier clearance charges

Iraqi army purchases 500 lightweight multipurpose clearance charges (Bandolier) from CSI.

Empty first response shelter


AirBoss acquires Immediate Response Technologies

Immediate Response Technologies designs and manufactures high quality shelters, respirators, filters, personal protection and life support products for our military, first receivers, first responders, law enforcement, and foreign government customers.

AirBoss FR-C2A1 Cartridge


AirBoss Defense awarded a US DoD contract to manufacture C2A1 filters

AirBoss Defense became a US DoD approved source to manufacture C2A1 filters.

Husky driving towards camera


Iraqi MoD choses Husky system

Iraqi Ministry of Defense purchases the Husky 2G as its IED detection and interrogation system. This represents a critical enhancement to Iraq’s route clearance mission and its ability to maintain freedom of maneuver and oppose ISIS and other forces within Iraq.

A pair of AirBoss Molded Gloves


AirBoss selected as sole source provider of CBRN Overboot and Glove

AirBoss will provide Molded Glove and Overboot in support of the Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology, a four-Service effort to field a common chemical protective clothing ensemble.

Sideview of Husky


US Army and Marine Corps select Husky systems

Over 650 Husky systems to US Army and Marine Corps in support of OEF and OIF

Front view of the C4 CBRN Gas Mask


AirBoss selected as production partner for the Canadian C4 Gas Mask

AirBoss selected as production partner for the Canadian C4 Gas Mask

Close-up of MALO Molded Lightweight Overboot


Canadian Defense Forces select AirBoss Defense for CBRN Glove protection

Canadian Defense Forces select AirBoss’s CBRN protective glove for their protective ensemble.

Logo for Critical Solutions International


Critical Solutions International is founded

The firm is focused on clearance and counter-IED operations and develops the Husky payload delivery platform. Their customers engage in the most hazardous and contentious clearance operations in the world.

AirBoss Defense logo


AirBoss acquires Acton creating AirBoss Defense

Acton International supplies a chem-bio protective overshoe to the Canadian military which becomes impetus from which we developed our defense product business.

Tractor wheel with AirBoss logo


AirBoss of America founded

Primary purpose was to develop a puncture-proof tire for the mining industry. This eventually led to the creation of the segmented rubber tire, which forms the basis for the AirBoss logo to this day.

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