Husky vehicle driving in a desert landscape

Mobility Systems

Blast protected vehicle platforms with custom payload integrations to execute tasks in high-risk environments.

Picture of the Husky 2G Vehicle

Husky 2G Vehicle

Built to withstand IED blast protection, small arms fire, and the most rugged terrain imaginable, the Husky 2G is built for operator survivability and effective route clearance operations.

Picture of the Husky MK lll VMMD

Husky MK lll VMMD

The most battle-tested route clearance platform in the world, the Husky MK III continues to serve as the premier route clearance vehicle for the US military and militaries across globe.

Picture of the Rollover Detection and Warning System

Rollover Detection and Warning System

Vehicle sensor that alerts the operator of impending dangerous vehicle rollover conditions based on terrain, operation, and vehicle limitations.

Picture of the Interrogation Arm

Interrogation Arm

Vehicle-mounted crane system designed to interrogate, confirm, and classify suspected explosive threats with safe standoff.

Picture of the 360 Situational Awareness Camera Suite

360 Situational Awareness Camera Suite

A system of integrated video cameras providing vehicle operators with increased visibility and operational awareness around the vehicle.

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